Gone are the days of heavy contour,instagram brows, and solid matte lip and tight formal up-do’s says Pina Baldassi, owner of Pina B’s Salon and Spa in Toronto and a 34 year veteran in the bridal industry.

Brides are now opting for softer, more romantic looks for hair and make-up that enhances rather than conceals, their natural beauty on their big day. Tousled down-do’s and loose locks will always have a place in bridal hair. But 2020 brides have a new hot hair trend! Its sleek and straight and parted down the centre.

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Opened in 1987, Pina B's Salon & Spa has served the community in that location ever since. Ten years later, in a major expansion, Pina added a spa to the busy hair care and tanning services. Whether it's newly proven or tried and true, you can always find the latest and greatest at Pina B's.

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