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Pina B's loves to help you see how special you are

At Pina B's, we are happiest when our clients are happy. We love stories like this one from a client who recently visited Pina B's:

"I wanted to thank you personally, Pina. I do appreciate you making the time for me to come into the salon this afternoon and receive an amazing haircut. I was so nervous about making a drastic change, from long hair to a cut that comes to my neck. Thank you, Pina, for making the change a bearable one, with your optimism and smile and the pride you take with each and ever haircut you do. Made this day a perfect one for me.

"I walked in to your salon feeling drab and just plan crappy. When walking out I felt as if I was a new woman with ambitions that I know in my heart that I can achieve.

"Thank you ever so much!!"

-- Kim T.


How Do You Feel?

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